TEAM - Company Account

For companies who have multiple Service Professionals

Same Awesome benefits as a Service Professional... and more

Customers can find your services personal and the services you offer

real time on a Map

Locate Service Providers

See your service personnel real-time location on a map

Dispatch customer requests to your team real time to

a mobile device

Geolocation with presence

See location and availability

of service personnel in the field

Service Requests

Send a service request to the

closest available professional -

Faster customer service!

Service History

Review all past service

Electronic Estimates

Send quotes FAST...

Eliminate paperwork

Electronic Invoicing

Send invoices and receive payments

Get paid fast... directly through the app.

Review customers

Let others know your experience

Active Orders

Review Estimates and Invoices

Real-Time tracking of your Service Personnel


Add Service Providers to your TEAM Account

Add new Service Providers to your TEAM

See your Service Providers services currently in progress

Contact Center

Send quotes to customers and schedule service providers

Create customer accounts which they can access via the Web and App